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Magazine or Publication:
Rider Magazine
Issue: July 2002
Article written by: Ken Freund

Although it sounds like some kind of treatment center program, BarEnders is actually a product for securing your helmet to the end of your bike's handlebar when parked. Most original-equipment helmet locks are mounted toward the rear of the bike, and some (including mine) are positioned just above the hot muffler, so you either have to stand there until it cools down, or carry your lid with you. Quite a few stock helmet locks also require you to remove the seat, fiddle with a cheesy cable or hook, and try to fumble the seat back on-which can be quite a chore in the dark. Access to some locks is blocked when the saddlebags are installed, and plenty of bikes only have one lock, or none at all. So that leaves a pretty big niche for aftermarket helmet-lock merchants.

BarEnders replace the original handlebar end cap or weight with an attractive replacement that contains a sturdy removable end-cap lock within. Twisting the key releases a pin so that the locking bar end can be detached. The helmet's D-ring is slipped over the smaller-diameter shaft that's exposed, then the lock assembly is reinstalled. The lock uses a barrel-type key, which offers high security and is almost impossible to pick (or have a duplicate key copy made). So be sure to write down the key number and keep it where you can find it later, along with the phone number for BarEnder.

You can get BarEnders in several configurations: the lock assembly and shaft only, a single lock and shaft plus matching bar-end weight for the other side, or a pair of locks for both bar ends, which can be keyed alike, or keyed separately for each lock. BarEnders come in three different sizes to accommodate 7/8-inch- or 1-inch-diameter handlebars, plus bars that have a 6mm nut inside the ends to retain each end cap. They're all made in the United States from satin-finish stainless steel.

Installation only takes a few minutes with a minimum of hand tools. Once you remove the original end cap, you simply slip the BarEnder into place and tighten the bolt or nut, depending on the application. A quality silicone-rubber sleeve expands tightly to fit the inside of the handlebar, and a pair of O-rings keep out water and crud. Approximately 3/16-inch is required between the end of the bar and the end weight, so that the helmet's D-ring can fit. In some cases you may need to add a washer to increase clearance.

Besides holding your helmet, you can also slide a sleeve of your riding jacket over the handlebar first, then attach the helmet, thus securing both. I tried the BarEnders on a Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 (which comes with bar-end weights), so I didn't notice either an increase or decrease in the vibration level at the handgrips, though you may feel some difference on a bike that doesn't come with them stock. The BarEnder locking system assumes that your helmet(s) have the conventional double D-ring fastening system. If your helmets have any other type, you probably won't be able to attach them. Many European-made helmets use quick-release buckles instead of double D-rings.

BarEnders come with a five-year limited warranty. Prices range from $42 for the lowest-priced 6mm lock and shaft for one side, to $96.50 for a matching pair of keyed-alike locks for a 1-inch diameter handlebar. We found the BarEnders to be very well designed, made of high-quality materials and nicely finished. In fact, the parts look like they are manufactured to aircraft-quality specs-plus they work as claimed. What more can you ask?

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Ken Freund

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