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BarEnder™ by Wilhosch, LLC

How many times have you arrived somewhere on your motorcycle (or ATV, personal watercraft, or bicycle), only to deal with the hassle of deciding what to do with your helmet? It's too expensive to simply leave on the motorcycle, but it's also too bulky to easily carry with you in many places. Well, now there is an answer ...

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The solution to your problem is the BarEnder™ lock by Wilhosch, LLC. Now you can securely lock your helmet to your handlebar.

  • The BarEnder™ lock is designed to give you years of use.
  • Made in the USA out of stainless steel to last, and stay looking good.
  • The BarEnder™ can be used on most hollow type handlebars.
  • The BarEnder™ is made to fit 7/8 in., 1 in., 6mm, and 8mm handlebars. Please note that 7/8 in. and 1 in. measurements are O.D.
  • It is packaged in several ways.
    • Single lock for one side of the handlebar
    • A lock for one side with a matching Dummy BarEnder™ for the other side.
    • A pair of locks with a keyed-alike feature - one for each side of the handlebar.

Our locks work with all
types of helmets, even
discount motorcycle helmets
found online.


• • The Ultimate Way To Hang Your Hat • •


The BarEnder™ can be used on all types of vehicles with hollow handlebars - ATVs, personal watercraft, bicycles, and of course motorcycles. While no device is perfect for theft on these vehicles, we believe you will find the BarEnder™ to be a better way to store your helmet, jacket, and accessories while you go into the store or your favorite eating-place. As we always say, it's "the ultimate way to hang your hat".


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"This is one of the best accessories you could possibly buy for
added convenience to your riding experience."


Disclaimer: We do not guarantee and are not responsible for lost or stolen locks and/or any items that may be attached to the locks
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